Ocular Migraines in Manchester, MA

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The classic migraine is a severe headache, which in some instances may be accompanied by nausea. Ocular migraines are visual disturbances in which visual images look gray or have a wavy appearance. They almost always occur in only one eye. Other common symptoms are loss of vision, particularly in one eye, and increased sensitivity to bright lights. The visual distortion, when it occurs, normally starts in the central vision and then moves off to one side.

The ocular migraine can occur either in conjunction with the common migraine or without the corresponding headache. Generally, when it accompanies the common migraine, the visual disturbances happen before the onset of headache symptoms. In younger people with common migraine, it is typical for ocular migraines to also occur. As people age, it becomes more common to experience ocular migraines without headache symptoms.

In general, there is no serious complications caused by ocular migraine. Treatment, in most instances, is not necessary unless the ocular migraine is linked to the common migraine.

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